by Greg Halloran

Grump Crab

by Julianna Thomas

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This is the podcast of the April 16th show of Should Does Does Radio. On this show, we interviewed award-winning poet, Rachel Richardson about her work, writing process, and advice for students. We also got our first glance at Should Does’ new book, Gladys.



Nan Pincus

Nan was born on both an autumn evening and the Nebraskan prairie…

Nan's Work

Linnie Greene

Linnie Greene is one of Should Does’s Non-Fiction Editors.

Linnie's Work

Reilly Finnegan

Reilly Finnegan was born in High Point, NC, and now lives in an attic in Machias, ME.

Reilly's Work

Alex Karsten

Alex is a Classics major, which means he studies Latin and Greek.

Alex's Work

Lauren Moore

Lauren is from Cary, North Carolina.

Lauren's Work

India Lassiter

India Lassiter grew up in North Carolina, but currently lives in New York State.

India's Work

Nick Andersen

Nick is a 2012 graduate (history, journalism, French) of UNC.

Nick's Work

Coco Wilder

Coco identifies with Kourtney Kardashian but shares Khloe’s love for strong coffee and Kim’s obsession with Kanye West.

Coco's Work

Maddie Norris

Maddie is a 5’2” English and Psychology major who spends most of her time at UNC defending her homeland, South Carolina.

Maddie's Work

Kate Flanagan

A native of the Old North State, Kate has been living in exile above the Mason-Dixon Line since 2010.

Kate's Work

Peter Schultz

Peter Schultz is a Northerner by birth, Southerner by temperament.

Peter's Work

Deep Space

She cracked the door to his office. The artificial light highlighted his scalp and formed a halo of white hair… His skin sagged around his neck and mouth, tough from enduring decades of harsh sun. While his outsides showed signs of aging, they showed no signs of the tumors growing inside him.

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